Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Filing

YPFS Definition

Reports submitted  by businesses operating in a  given financial products industry  to the SEC to comply with regulatory statutes. Includes prospectus, 10-K, 8-K forms, and any forms listed in the SEC's Form Index.  To locate a form in the index, use control +F to look up the rule  the filing is pursuant or the form alphanumeric file submission type - this information  is provided on the first page of the filing.

Author Selection Guidance

The company or entity submitted the report.

Publisher Selection Guidance

The agency /regulator requesting the report and providing  oversight to the industry.

Node Naming Convention 

[The Name of the Company - Submitter of Filing] [Form Being Filed]  - See examples of this the files listed below.

Related Content Types in Library

Offering Circular - similar an SEC filing as it is a an abbreviated prospectus created for a new securities listing, however it is not required to file this information with the SEC.

Agreement/Contract-Financial Agreement/Contract-General ,  Agreement/Contract-GuaranteeAgreement/Contract -Services- various agreements and certifications  are submitted in SEC filings as  supporting exhibits. In the library we will catalog these content types as their own independent document.

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