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Our Resource Library includes primary sources such as documents implementing government actions, internal company documents, press releases, and testimony of government officials. Secondary resources include government reports, academic papers, media stories, and interviews with key persons involved in the crises interventions. At this time, our Resource Library consists primarily of materials relating to the Global Financial Crisis (2007-), but we are expanding to include materials regarding other crises.

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$7,142,000,000 FIRST LIEN CREDIT AGREEMENT among NEW CARCO ACQUISITION LLC, (to be renamed CHRYSLER GROUP LLC) as the Borrower, and THE LENDERS PARTIES HERETO FROM TIME TO TIME Dated as of June 10, 2009 (Post-Petition First Lien Credit Agreement)

November 21, 2015

Amended Disclosure Statement / Disclosure Statement with Respect to Second Amended Joint Plan of Liquidation of Debtors and Debtors in Possession, In re Chrysler LLC, 405 B.R. 84 (No. 09-50002), Docket # 6273.

January 22, 2010

Amended and Restated Credit Agreement between Chrysler as borrower and UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY, as Lender dated July 10, 2009 (additional Chrysler ASSP documentation)

September 24, 2009
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