YPFS Definition

Charts, tables, graphs, raw financial/numerical or other data not included in a report or paper. Include a description in the additional information for context and the source.

How to Identify Author

The author in this case is the  institution that has collected and analyzed the data, as well any institution involved in reporting  the data to the collector if they are identified and it is a reasonable number to include in the author field - if  there is a large number of data reporting institutions they can be generally acknowledged in the additional information box.

 Also if a specific preparer is identified, include that individual as well.

How to Identify Publisher

This will most likely be an organization who collects and shares the data.

Node Naming Convention 

Use title provided or Create a descriptive title that acknowledges the creator of the data, the kind of data ( sales, market, etc), and note timeframe for which data was collected if applicable ( i.e. Quartely, Annual, Daily etc.).

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