YPFS Definition

Any media that does not have a suitable term in the Content Type field.

How to Identify Author

The organization, organizational sub-group, or individual who created the media. This is typically noted in a byline, however if  the media is presented  without a explicit creator identified you can try deduce from the content of the media file or select unknown.

How to Identify Publisher

The organization that prepares and distributes the final document publicly. The publisher name will likely be captured in the copyright language on the document or somewhere on the document's cover page. If no clear publisher is designated, this can be the same as the author.

Node Naming Convention

Use title as provided. Or, if no title is provided please ensure that  you create a title that clearly describes the function of the media and the specific event the media relates to.


If using this type, please add a description of the type of document in the Additional Information box. Documents marked as "Other" will be reviewed regularly to determine if new terms need to be added to the fixed Content Type field. 

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