YPFS Definition

An addition made to any document subsequent to its completion, printing or publication  by its author or publisher.

Author Selection Guidance

Include all Parties involved in the original publication. In agreements, this is usually listed in the first or early paragraphs of the document.

Publisher Selection Guidance

This varies by the type of document published but the publishing company or agency that prepared the document for distribution. Typically the publisher will include its trademarks on the document  at the very beginning or end.

Node Naming Convention 

Use title as provided, if there is no title use the following: Addendum to [original document name]

YPFS Related Resource

If the original document is also in the resource library create link the two document via the Related Resource field.

List in Additional Information, what type of principal document it relates to.  Such as an Addendum to an Agreement for Services, Addendum to a Memorandum of Understanding.

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