Press Release

YPFS Definition

An official statement delivered to members of the news media and public for the purpose of providing information, an official statement, or making an announcement

How to Identify Author

The organization who makes the announcement or official statement.

How to Identify Publisher

The organization who makes the announcement or statement.

Node Naming Convention 

Use title provided in the press release.

Special Consideration - Related Resource Field

If the press release contains additional URLs to other resources within its body, please preserve these URLs in the YPFS Account. For further guidance on using   YPFS  Account, please the see the  YPFS Perma Guidance.

Contrary to the guidance, which primary for the Article-News content type, the follow Naming Convention for the each new Related Resource on Press Release  in should be as follows: [Node Name]_RRx, where x starts at 1 and continues consequently based on how many related resource are to be included on the node.

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